Limited Company

Benefits Of Starting A Limited Company:

Ltd. is the most popular type of business activity in the UK and Setting up the company doesn’t take long. Once you have received your Companies House Certificate and Memorandum you can start your business and this will further enable you to register for VAT, Payroll or CIS or opening a company bank account.

  • Simple and quick registration (up to 24 hours)

  • Small share capital (starting from 1 pound)

  • Limited liability (up to the committed capital)

  • Advantageous financial thresholds (20% tax of income not exceeding £300 000)

  • A Limited Company must employ at least one director and to become a director you need to be at least 16 years of age and be a resident in the UK.


Our team will make sure your company accounts meet all the requirements by the British Law.

In order to meet clients expectations and respect the values of your time, we operate online and through correspondence. Distance is not a problem— we cooperate with clients from England, Scotland, Wales and other European countries, and have a supportive secretary team who are always here to offer their knowledgable services.

Why Us ?

  • We have the knowledge and over 8 years of experience and we employ professional accountants, working in British accountancy realities for over 20 years.
  • Competitive prices.
  • We are fully involved in our clients’ issues, we offer friendly approach and commitment.
  • We act quick and on time and above all else we are reliable as we always keep our word.


Entrusting your accounts with an experienced accountant helps you to save time, which is precious for your company’s development.

We provide Limited Companies with all aspects of accounting services and each client will receive the following:

Limited Company

  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT accounts
  • Full Payroll (up to 2 employees)
  • Corporation Tax to
  • HMRC
  • Annual Return to
  • Companies House
  • Director’s Self-Assessment

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For Drivers

Are you a driver and wish to operate as a Limited Company? Check our offer designed to meet you expectations.

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